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About Northbrook Alliance Church in Brooklyn Center, MN

Northbrook Alliance Church is a local fellowship of the Christian & Missionary Alliance committed to being a loving, healing fellowship where you can discover the abundance of life in Jesus Christ.

Much of this congregation are people who have come to a personal relationship with Christ through our ministry or are Christians of every denominational background who were looking for sound Biblical teaching.

More and more churches today are turning away from the truth they once proclaimed with the lowering of moral standards and the worsening of world conditions. We need Northbrook and the eternal message it continues to faithfully preach and teach.

We invite you to join with us so that we may serve your spiritual needs and grow together as we proclaim the Truths of Christ to the world around us and in other lands. We trust you will find us to be a warm fellowship, and that you will experience with us the joy of the Lord.

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