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Deacons and Deaconesses

The mission of the NBAC Deacon & Deaconess ministries are to exemplify God’s love in action through service to the Body of Christ and our community.

Guiding Principles: “The ‘Con’ in Deacon & Deaconess”

  • Connect—to fundamentally serve our congregation’s needs, we need to be proactive in connecting with members.  We need to know and be known by members.
  • Consider—to be efficient, we need to carefully and prayerfully consider our activities of service. We have limited resources, and must use the resources prudently.
  • Concert—to be effective, we need to act in concert with each other, the mission, and the chosen activities to which we commit.

Current Deacons

  • Jesse Fahngon
  • Andrew Johnson, Treasurer
  • Henason Kollie

Current Deaconesses

  • Susie Ives, Chair
  • Gladys Fahngon
  • Jane Herbes
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Gloria Larson
  • Diana Medicraft
  • Vicky Peabody
  • Debbie Sutherland

The Deacons Fund

One of the primary ministries of the Deacons is the Deacons Fund. The Deacons Fund was established to benefit church members and regular attenders in need of help during times of hardship. The fund is supported through free will offerings (usually on the first Sunday of the month), as well as fundraising activities.