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Small Groups

Small Groups at Northbrook Alliance Church exist to connect people to others in authentic relationships with the purpose of growing to be more like Christ and bringing the Kingdom of God to all areas of influence both inside and outside of the church body.



A typical small group at Northbrook consists of 6 to 14 individuals (with groups remaining open unless they are at capacity). While small groups at Northbrook vary, all small groups share these commonalities:

  • Biblically-based content
  • Prayer
  • Meet a minimum of once┬áper month



Current Small Groups

REEL Talk: Finding Faith in Film

  • Provide a place to discuss aspects of film where our faith can be applied.
  • Learn to see how media can affect our day to day lives, even movies.
  • Analyze varying genres and how faith can play a part in each.





If you are interested in connecting with us of the small groups listed on this page or if you would be interested in leading your own small group, please contact us!